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2 injured, 1 killed in crash involving tractor-trailer

On Behalf of | Dec 26, 2022 | Truck Wrecks |

While any type of collision may have the potential to place the safety of everyone involved in jeopardy, the risks of a disastrous outcome may be even greater when commercial vehicles are involved. When truck drivers exhibit reckless behaviors, nearby drivers may stand little chance of reacting in time to avoid collision, and the fallout of a truck accident could leave those involved facing various hardships or leave family members grieving over an unexpected loss. Reports indicate that a recent car accident involving a tractor-trailer has left two individuals with injuries and claimed the life of another person in Georgia.  

Recent truck accident 

Authorities say the incident began when they received reports of a crash involving a tractor-trailer and a car. Initial reports indicate that the truck had crashed into the side of the car while crossing through an intersection. There were three occupants in the car at the time, each of whom was rushed to a local hospital with severe injuries and authorities say that one of the car’s passengers passed away after arriving at the facility. 

While investigating the incident, authorities say they obtained video surveillance footage of the crash. This footage revealed that the driver of the truck ran through a red light shortly before crashing into the side of the car. Authorities have indicated that this person has been placed under arrest and is now facing numerous charges in relation to the crash. 

Reckless behavior 

Suffering serious injuries or losing someone close in a car accident involving a reckless truck driver can be a harrowing experience. Individuals in Georgia who face similar challenges in life and wish to seek advice on their available options for legal recourse could benefit from retaining the services of an attorney as soon as possible. An attorney can examine the incident thoroughly and help a client prepare to seek the full amount of restitution deserved through a claim against all parties deemed responsible. 


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