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1 injured in crash involving vehicle with balding tires

On Behalf of | Feb 21, 2023 | Car Wrecks |

Ensuring that the tires of a motor vehicle have sufficient tread can be essential in a variety of ways, especially when traveling during rainy weather conditions. Without adequate tire treading, a vehicle may be more prone to sliding and drivers who lose control under similar scenarios could create a hazardous situation in the process. A recent car accident that occurred when a driver lost control and crossed into oncoming lanes of traffic has left a 42-year-old man in Georgia in critical condition.

The accident

According to reports, the crash took place just after 7 a.m. on a recent Friday. Authorities say that the incident began during wet road conditions when the driver of a pickup truck suddenly lost control of his vehicle and crossed through the median. The truck proceeded to enter oncoming lanes of traffic and collide with a second vehicle, causing both vehicles to spin out and veer off the road.

Reports indicate that the driver of the second vehicle was rushed to a nearby hospital where he remains in critical condition, while the driver of the truck was pronounced dead at the scene. Authorities say that an investigation into the crash revealed that the tires of the truck were balding and they advised that this was likely a contributing factor. Lack of sufficient treading can have a significant impact on the traction of a vehicle, and when combining such issues with slick weather conditions, the results could prove dire.

Legal recourse

There may be few things in life as daunting as suffering severe or life-altering injuries in a car accident due to the negligent decisions of another party. Individuals in Georgia who encounter similar challenges may face an understandable desire for answers on the available options for legal recourse. Fortunately, there are attorneys who can evaluate the incident thoroughly and assist a person in preparing to pursue the full amount of compensation entitled through the appropriate channels.


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