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Unique factors to address during a divorce late in life

On Behalf of | Feb 20, 2023 | Divorce |

Many individuals may spend decades planning and saving for retirement but they might not know what to expect after transitioning into this stage of life. The changes one experiences after retiring may affect one’s preferences and sometimes this can take a toll on a relationship. Individuals in Georgia who are facing a divorce during this stage may have concerns about how best to prepare for the process and about the factors to address that might be unique to their situations. 

Retirement and divorce 

While many aspects of divorce may be relevant to those of virtually any age, some issues may be more prevalent among individuals who are approaching or have entered retirement. When facing a similar situation, one may find it essential to seek insight on factors to address regarding retirement and investment assets such as 401(k)s and IRA accounts. Those who receive benefits from work-related programs such as pension funds may also find it vital to understand the role such assets might play in this process. 

Retirement assets that are deemed marital wealth will likely be subject to property division and dividing such assets can seem a complex process. With assets such as a 401(k), obtaining a Qualified Domestic Relations Order may be essential to staving off unfavorable results when dividing assets. Another topic that it might be vital to address could pertain to Social Security benefits and knowing how a divorce might affect this aspect of life may prove imperative. 

Protecting retirement plans 

While a divorce will inherently affect one’s financial situation, it does not necessarily have to derail a person’s retirement plans. When facing a similar life change, a person might find it helpful to consult with an attorney in Georgia for advice in preparing to make informed choices about his or her situation. An attorney can assess a client’s needs and concerns and assist in creating a strategy to safeguard his or her wishes for the future during subsequent divorce proceedings. 


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