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Single-vehicle crash leads to DUI charges for police lieutenant

On Behalf of | Apr 19, 2023 | Criminal Defense |

While being involved in a single-vehicle crash can be a daunting experience, sometimes such an incident may do little more than leave one feeling shaken up and unnerved. However, even if no one is harmed in the process, this might not mean the outcome of the situation will not prompt dire repercussions, especially if authorities suspect the presence of further wrongdoing. A police lieutenant in Georgia has been placed on leave after a recent single-vehicle crash left him facing DUI charges. 

Incident reports 

Reports indicate that the incident began when the driver of a motor vehicle veered off the road and crashed just after 12 a.m. on a recent Sunday. While speaking with the driver, authorities claim to have spotted signs of impairment and say they located an open alcohol container within the vehicle. Reports indicate that he was taken to a nearby medical facility after agreeing to take part in a blood test. 

While staff members were preparing to administer this test, authorities claim the man left the facility. While he was located soon thereafter, it remains unclear as to whether efforts to perform the blood draw were resumed. However, authorities have stated that he is facing numerous charges following the incident, including driving under the influence. He has already been placed on leave from his duties as a police lieutenant while awaiting future legal proceedings. 

Preparing for court proceedings 

While facing DUI charges can be harrowing enough on its own, the notion of how a conviction for such charges might affect one’s life and career can be even more daunting to consider. Those who wish to know more about their options and the possible consequences they might face could choose to consult with legal counsel for advice on what to expect from this process. An attorney in Georgia can help a client prepare to make informed choices about his or her case and assist in developing a strong defense for use during subsequent court proceedings. 


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