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Preparing for the difficulties of gray divorce

On Behalf of | May 3, 2023 | Divorce |

Divorcing later in life is becoming more common in Georgia and other states around the country. There are many reasons why people choose to go through what’s called a gray divorce, which simply means divorcing after the age of 50. Some couples have struggled for years but wanted to stay together until their children were grown. Others may find that their wants and needs in life have changed and they are no longer compatible. Whatever the reason for a gray divorce, knowing what to expect can help both parties prepare for a post-divorce lifestyle.

Gray divorce comes with unique challenges

Splitting up a marriage when the couple has been together for many years sometimes means they have more assets to divide. Asset division can cause contention, even when a couple is otherwise amicable. But dividing assets is a necessary part of a divorce. Some couples may be able to negotiate based on their own wishes and terms, while others will require court intervention to come to an agreement.

Other issues in gray divorce include helping adult children understand and cope. While they may be out of the home and living independently, children of divorcees can still struggle with the breakup of their parents’ marriage. Counseling and therapy can be beneficial for all parties, including adult children, during the divorce process.

Seek legal guidance

Divorcing later in life can cause one to feel a wide range of emotions from grief and sadness to relief and hopefulness. Georgians who are planning on going through a divorce can expect many life changes, and not all changes will be positive. But ultimately, divorce is a legal matter and one can prepare for the process by seeking advice from an experienced family law attorney.


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