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Using positive reinforcement can benefit co-parenting situations

On Behalf of | Apr 24, 2020 | Child Custody And Child Support |

Life as a single parent isn’t easy, but this is the reality for many people here in Georgia. For some people, being able to work closely with their ex as co-parents makes the situation a little better. These individuals usually put the children first and try to do what they can show the kids that they are loved and supported despite their parents’ divorce.

Even when co-parents work together, there might still be conflicts. Remember that you’re on the same team as your ex when it comes to the kids. Trying to find a solution that’s best for the kids must remain a priority. This usually means that you remain focused on finding the answers to the problems instead of just placing the blame for them.

One thing that might help the situation is to focus on how your child’s relationship with your ex benefits the child. Sometimes, people can become clouded by bad memories of things that happened in the marriage and that spills over to their co-parenting. By looking at the positive side of matters, you may be able to think a bit clearer about the contentious matters.

Sometimes, bumps in the road are opportunities for improvement. One thing that might come from this is that you’ll need to modify the parenting plan. This often happens as the children mature because an older child’s needs aren’t the same as a toddler’s needs. There is also a chance that the changes are necessary because of changes in circumstances. Just remember that modifications should also reflect the best interests of the children.


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