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Compassionate Handling Of Child Custody Cases

As a parent, you want the best for your children. At Harrison & Medlin, P.C., we share your concern. We work hard to achieve child custody and visitation arrangements that enable our clients to have rich and meaningful relationships with their children.

When we represent you in any type of family law case, our firm will develop a plan designed to achieve your goals and which promotes the best interests of your children.

We represent parents in matters involving:

  • Child custody
  • Visitation and parenting time
  • Custody and visitation modifications
  • Proposed child relocations
  • Enforcement and contempt
  • Father’s rights and grandparents’ rights
  • Other issues involving children

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Helping You Achieve Your Custody And Visitation Goals

In a typical custody and visitation plan, the children live with the primary caregiver, and the other parent has the children every other weekend and one evening during the week. There are many other possibilities however.

At Harrison & Medlin, P.C., we are skilled at developing creative custody and visitation arrangements. We will carefully consider your circumstances and the needs of your children in order to develop a solution that is right for your situation.

Custody And Visitation Modifications

When the circumstances or the needs of a child change significantly, we can seek a modification in custody or visitation arrangements. Often, we can achieve our clients’ goals cost-effectively, through negotiation or mediation.

Harrison & Medlin, P.C. has experience in contested custody cases and disputes involving proposed child relocations, and noncompliance with custody and visitation orders. Our lawyers are skilled trial advocates and if necessary, will provide vigorous representation in court in order to achieve your goals and protect your rights.

If the other parent is not complying with a custody or visitation order, or if he or she is about to relocate to another state with your child, we can ask the court for an emergency order. If it is issued, this will direct the Sheriff to take measures to enforce the order.

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