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Reports of police pursuit leave 1 facing DUI charges

On Behalf of | Jun 8, 2021 | Dui Defense |

While the idea of being involved in a traffic stop can be harrowing, attempting to evade authorities may never be advisable. Such a decision could only increase suspicion of the presence of unlawful behavior, and it could also increase the severity of any penalties a person might face. A man in Georgia could be in search of advice on his legal rights and options after a recent incident involving reports of a police pursuit has left him facing DUI charges.

Reports of pursuit

Law enforcement agents assert that the incident began on a recent Tuesday as officers were conducting a separate traffic stop. During this period, they say that another driver proceeded to drive by at a high rate of speed and assert that a brief pursuit ensued. Reports indicate that the man has been accused of damaging property during the pursuit and that he was placed under arrest soon after the alleged incident ended.

Authorities also claim to have spotted signs of the presence of impairment during the arrest procedure. Although they say the man exhibited signs such as bloodshot eyes and dilated pupils, it remains unclear if the proceeded to administer field sobriety or Breathalyzer tests. However, reports indicate that the man is now facing numerous charges in relation to the incident, including reckless driving and driving under the influence.

What to expect

Individuals who are facing DUI charges might not always know what to expect from the process or of how best to prepare for what comes next. Fortunately, there are attorneys in Georgia who can evaluate the charges and evidence against a person and provide insight on his or her legal rights and available options. Such guidance could prove integral to helping a person make informed choices while preparing a strategy with which to seek the best outcome achievable during court proceedings.


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