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Protecting Your Rights And Driving Privileges

Paying a speeding fine is an admission of guilt. If you have prior traffic violations in the last 24 months, this could cause your license to be revoked or suspended. Before you pay a traffic fine, consult with an experienced attorney. It may be possible to get the ticket dismissed or reduced to a violation carrying fewer penalties and points.

At Harrison & Medlin, P.C., we defend people accused of traffic violations, including speeding, driving while suspended and DUI, along with many other types of criminal law matters. Attorney Chad Medlin is a former prosecutor. We understand the nuances of the law and are aggressive in our approach, and we will defend your rights and driving privileges with determination.

Contact Harrison & Medlin, P.C. for a consultation with a lawyer. In some cases, we can represent clients in traffic cases without their need to appear in court. In an initial consultation, a lawyer at our firm can explain how we can help you.

Defense Against Super Speeder Accusations And Charges

The state of Georgia has recently enacted a stiff new speeding law, nicknamed the Super Speeder law. This law provides enhanced penalties for people caught driving 20 mph or more over the limit on a road where the posted speed limit is 55 mph or less, or for those caught driving more than 15 mph over the limit on an interstate highway.

Police officers are human, and like all people, they sometimes make mistakes. Our firm will examine the circumstances of your case, looking for a way to obtain a dismissal of the charge. Failing that, Harrison & Medlin, P.C. may be able to reduce the charge to a regular speeding violation rather than a Super Speeder violation.

Remember, paying the fine for a speeding ticket may result in sharply higher insurance rates, and even result in the suspension of your license. Get legal help today.

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