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Working Through Your Child Support Case

Harrison & Medlin, P.C. assists parents in all types of child support matters, including the determination of the support level, modifications in child support and enforcement of child support orders. We work diligently to achieve results for our family law clients that are fair and which accurately reflect underlying circumstances.

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Child Support In Georgia

In Georgia, statutory guidelines determine the level of child support. Before issuing a child support order, the judge will consider things such as the incomes of the parents, the residency time of the child with each parent and the child’s needs.

Determining the child support level however, involves much more than the simple application of a formula. Our lawyers examine all aspects of a case, taking a close look at expenses for the child’s education, extracurricular activities and health care. Whether you are a payer or receiver of child support, we will work hard to achieve a fair and accurate child support payment.

We can also address cases involving complex child support issues such as self-employed parents and parents who are hiding income in an attempt to avoid child support, as well as enforcement of child support orders.

Modification Of Child Support

When a material change in circumstances occurs, or once every two years, you can revisit the issue of child support for the purposes of obtaining a modification. A change in income due to a job layoff or promotion may be sufficient grounds for a modification. In many cases, we can obtain a child support modification efficiently and cost-effectively, though more complex cases may require a more significant legal effort.

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