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A sudden fall can cause serious injuries and possibly long-term disability. Sometimes, people are tripped up by hidden hazards on another party’s property. Under Georgia law, negligent property owners are responsible for their victims’ resulting damages such as medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

Our attorneys at Harrison & Medlin, P.C., represent slip-and-fall and trip-and-fall victims, as well as victims of other personal injury accidents, in the Augusta metro area. If you were seriously injured in a fall caused by a preventable hazard on someone else’s property, we will help you obtain compensation to help pay off your medical bills and other expenses.

Understanding Georgia’s Premises Liability Law

Property owners owe a duty to legal visitors to take reasonable steps to remove potential hazards or warn visitors of the danger. For example, a grocery store must act promptly to mop up food spills and/or put up cones to prevent customers from walking on the slippery spot.

When a landowner ignores or fails to maintain the property sufficiently, customers and other invitees may not realize the danger until it is too late. This negligence can allow injury victims to pursue legal action through a personal injury lawsuit.

Common examples of traps that cause slip-and-fall accidents include:

  • Damp floors
  • Holes in the ground covered by leaves
  • Broken handrails or steps
  • Improper lighting on a staircase

The resulting fall can be violent. You can sustain damage to your head, neck or back that causes tremendous pain and physical limitation. Your ability to earn an income or care for yourself and your children could be compromised for years, if not the rest of your life. We will help make sure you are treated fairly by the landowner’s insurance company, or we will bring your case to trial if it does not.

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