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International adoption worth the worry for 1 Georgia family

On Behalf of | Jan 13, 2014 | Adoption |

Adoptive families often look at orphanages around the world, searching for a child that is a perfect fit in their family. The adoption of these children gives them the chance to be cared for and loved in a way that they could not have experienced otherwise. It is not uncommon, however, for families attempting to adopt internationally to come across some challenges. Such difficulties were not enough to keep one Georgia family from bringing home their child.

Russia has had a ban against the adoption of orphans by Americans in place for over a year now. This ban was created, by Russia’s explanation, as a result of inadequate or harmful care by American adoptive families, while the United States believe it was created for political reasons. Either way, families that were in the process of adopting Russian children before the ban was created were now filled with anxiety as they waited to know if they were still going to bring their child home.

One family was fortunate and their papers made it through. A month later, when the new mother went to bring her new 2-year-old son home, she faced the constant dread that the government would suddenly force the ban on her adoption, too. To the amazement and joy of many, the mother and child safely made it out of the country. After having their son for a year now, he has been officially declared adopted and will continue to grow and be loved in his American family’s home.

Bringing in a new addition to one’s family is worth the time and paperwork. Even in tough and frightening situations like this Georgia family’s, the result of persevering can be priceless. Understanding what the adoption process entails, especially in the case of an international adoption, is incredibly important. Being well-informed can help make the sometimes tedious process go quickly and smoothly.

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