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The joy adoption can bring to Georgia families

Adoption is a process that creates families and provides children with a home. Such a joyous, life-changing event is something that families and counties come together to celebrate. Families in Georgia looking into the adoption of a child have a number of options available to them. 

Grandparent visitation can be granted by Georgia courts

When couples are going through a divorce and agreements are being made concerning children, most decisions concern the children's relationships with the parents. However, grandparents and other non-parents can receive visitation rights as well. Georgia family members who are concerned about being able to spend time with loved ones following a divorce have resources available to them that can help explain their options.

Adoption of sibling groups in Georgia

Adoption is a beautiful way for individuals, couples and families in Georgia to provide homes for children who may never have one otherwise. Unfortunately, sibling groups that are placed in orphanages or foster care have an extremely small chance of staying together. Most siblings are split up when they go through the adoption process, potentially never seeing their biological brother or sister again.

Determining child support in Georgia

Divorce is a process that has become widespread in the United States and is prevalent in society. This process can occur between two spouses who decide they no longer want to be together. However, in some cases, divorce separates a family -- the two spouses, as well as their children. When children are involved in their parents' divorce in Georgia, child custody and child support have to be addressed.