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How a court determines child custody

Divorcing Georgia parents with concerns about child custody should examine their own living arrangements to anticipate what the court might use against them. Depending on the state, judge and individual court, determinations could vary regarding what is considered acceptable living accommodations. However, courts generally follow a few key rules.

How to plan for the holidays after separation or divorce

Holidays can be a tough time for families in Georgia who are experiencing separation or divorce. Such emotions as sadness, anger and fear can feel overwhelming for parents and their children. However, parents must make an effort to control those emotions and ensure that their children still enjoy the holidays.

Are you afraid your ex will ruin your holidays?

You filed for divorce in a Georgia court because you determined it the most viable option in whatever marital situation you were facing at the time. You no longer wanted to stay married, but you also didn't want your decision to divorce to adversely affect your children. Now that another holiday season is underway, you are worried about your ex -- in particular, the fact that your stress level seems to soar whenever the two of you interact.