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Adoption changes lives of Georgia families

Adopting a child provides couples a unique way to grow their families. While adopting a child may not be a walk in the park all the time, those who have gone through an adoption can attest as to how worthwhile it is. Those considering adoption in Georgia can get in touch with family law professionals who may be able to assist with finding more information and helping with the next step of the process.

Shared child custody possible in high-conflict Georgia divorces

Studies have shown that children who are able to spend nearly equal time with both parents perform better academically, emotionally and behaviorally. As parents decide to divorce, however, this option may seem impossible for their children. Co-parenting or shared child custody agreements can allow children to see their parents for an almost equal amount of time. Divorcing parents in Georgia can find out more about these types of arrangements from legal professionals and through other resources.

Foster care adoption is an option for Georgia families

May is National Foster Care month across the United States, which celebrates those families that care for children in the foster care system as well as those that have adopted these children. This time is also used to spread awareness to those who may not know about the needs of the foster care system. Families looking into adoption in Georgia may want to consider adopting a child from foster care. Other resources and family law professionals can assist with this adoption process and provide more information.

Child custody modification in Georgia

Summer will soon be here, which brings a change of pace for many, especially those who attend school during the other parts of the year. For parents who are divorcing or have gotten a divorce, this can be a chance for them to switch up their regular child custody routine. Georgia parents who are interested in allowing a new child custody routine during the summer can have their agreement amended to suit this change.