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Understanding international adoption for couples in Georgia

As children, most people want to be surrounded by a family that loves and cares for them and as they get older, many individuals desire to have a family of their own. Being a part of a family typically provides one with love, safety and a sense of belonging. Unfortunately, hundreds of thousands of children miss out on the blessing of having parents and siblings. The only hope for these children is adoption, an option for Georgia families looking to bring a child into their home.

Putting the children first in Georgia child custody arrangements

Life is full of stressful times and events. Divorce has become a common process in the life of many people, one that often comes with a significant amount of stress. For parents that are choosing to end their marriage, the needs of the children caught in the middle are a crucial consideration. In those circumstances, making the transition to child custody arrangements smooth and easy is a priority in Georgia.

Taking the step: Foster care and adoption in Georgia

May is Foster Care Awareness Month across the United States. The foster care system provides homes for children for a number of reasons, including those who had to be taken from their biological parent's home for their safety. In Georgia, the number of children in foster care awaiting adoption is saddening. One family has taken their awareness of these children's needs for secure families and put it into action.

Making the wise choice about divorce in Georgia

Most commitments require a lot of thought before a decision is made. Choosing a college, getting married, getting divorced and having a child are all choices that are not usually made lightly. Spouses in Georgia looking into divorce often take the time to consider both the pros and cons. There are ten separate items that one group believes should be considered before the final choice regarding divorce is made.

Remembering children in Georgia divorce

Marriage and creating a family can be a beautiful thing. However, in today's society, many marriages end in divorce. Going through this process can be emotionally draining for everyone involved. Children caught in the middle of divorces in Georgia often experience even more stress and tension than the parents who are choosing to separate.