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Using the internet as a resource in Georgia adoption

The adoption process has been around for many years. It gives children the chance to have a family of their own after being put into an orphanage or foster care and it gives those who adopt the chance to be involved in a child's life, just as if the child was their own. Throughout the years, the process has changed immensely. In Georgia and across the world, the internet has recently become a major aspect of adoption.

Georgia adoption: breaking out of homelessness and foster care

Adoption in Georgia is one way to give hope to those without parents and families of their own. Parents or single adults seeking a child are sometimes involved in adoption. One Florida orphan teen broke this trend and put his adoption into motion on his own. This is one heartwarming story of a teen trying to find a family for himself and help others who do not have their own home find families as well.

Adoption in Georgia: from orphan to Christmas parade star

Adoption gives a child and the other parties involved a new lease on life. Children with disabilities or disfigurements are much less likely to be adopted than those who are considered normal. However, one woman in Georgia, a burn victim herself, decided go through the adoption process for an orphan who had serious burns on her scalp and on the top of her face. This little girl was the main focus of the Children's Healthcare of Atlanta Christmas Parade.

Going through divorce successfully in Georgia

Divorce is a major life event that brings up many different questions and processes that have to be dealt with. More and more people across the United States, including Georgia, are getting divorced. Going through a divorce can be difficult and draining. Many people simply attempt to survive a divorce, but there are a few things that can make the process easier to understand and endure.

From foster care to adoption in DeKalb County

Foster care can provide new opportunities and a safe place for children with a rough family situation. However, foster care does not provide a forever home for the children involved in the program. Adoption from foster care gives children who have been passed from family to family a home where they can grow and be loved. DeKalb County has been making an event for National Adoption Day, encouraging adoptionespecially for older children.