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Property division second greatest fear about divorce

A recent survey sought to determine the top concerns that most Americans have when it comes to the issue of divorce. Approximately 900 individuals were asked what they found most concerning about the divorce process. Their answers, along with the responses of nearly 400 attorneys who practice family law, give some insight into the issues that Georgia spouses find most troublesome. The survey results suggest that aside from issues concerning child custody, the cost of a divorce is the number one concern that spouses face; coming in a close second was the ins and outs of property division.

The best property division question to ask an attorney

For many Georgia spouses, the prospect of divorce brings a wide range of fears and uncertainties. At the top of that list often sits concerns over the financial ramifications of the end of a marriage. The process of divorce and property division can wreak havoc on one's budget and sanity, but spouses who are preparing to file for divorce should know that there are ways to mitigate the issue. The most important question that one can ask of their divorce attorney involves which assets are worth fighting for, and which should be left out of the fray.

Home value can affect property division in divorce

In many cases, unhappy couples postpone filing for divorce for years after a marriage becomes untenable. While each couple has their own reasons for delaying the process, many feel that they have little choice, based on an inability to successfully sell their family home. When the real estate market makes a profitable sale unlikely, many spouses choose to wait for an improved resale market before filing for divorce. Fortunately, improvements in the Georgia real estate sales climate have made property division an easier process.

The positives in divorce, despite the property division pains

It is exceedingly easy for parents going through divorce to focus on the negative and see the world as they know it ending forever. However, it is on this point that parents may be able to see the light. For example, perhaps a better life is to come in the next chapter they are about to begin - after all the difficult points of property division and child custody have been resolved. There are many different kinds of mindset shifts like this, which Georgia parents can employ, in order to make the lives for themselves and their children as happy as possible in the wake of a divorce.