November 2012 Archives

GA Supreme Court Addresses Law Enforcement's Access to Cell Records

In the case of Registe v. State, which was decided on the 5th of this month, the Georgia Supreme Court examined law enforcement's ability to obtain a person's cell phone communications and subscriber information without the person's consent or court order. Georgia state law already provides a procedure for law enforcement to subpoena the information but only in emergency situations.

Is Legal Marijuana Making Its Way to Georgia?

Legal recreational marijuana laws have begun to pass in states around the country. These measures are arriving subsequent to medical marijuana laws that originated in California in 1996. Today, there are 18 states (including Washington D.C.) that allow the use of medicinal marijuana. Many residents of the CSRA are now wondering if similar laws will be found on ballots in our area soon.

Recreational Marijuana Measures Pass in Two States

For the first time in U.S. history, two states have passed laws to legalize and regulate marijuana intended for recreational use. The successful ballot initiatives in Colorado and Washington are controversial and what will occur as the states take measures to begin implementation is highly debated and uncertain. While recreational marijuana use is now technically legal for residents of these areas, it remains a schedule I narcotic according to federal mandate, and federal government officials have not yet made a public statement as to how they will react to these laws. They have, however, been increasingly aggressive in their crackdowns of dispensaries that sell medical marijuana in the 17 states where it is legal (Massachusetts became the 18th last Tuesday), and this may be an indication of how the Department of Justice plans to handle these new matters.

Journaling for Effective Litigation

When experiencing a divorce, child custody fight, contempt or any other matter that may end up in court the importance of journaling or documenting important events as they happen cannot be understated. Some people do not feel that they need to write things down because they believe the matter will be resolved and legal action will not be necessary. While this would be the ideal resolution, often this is not the case.