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When to divorce in Georgia

January has come to be known as the divorce month for many families as spouses make the choice to separate after the beginning of a new year. There are numerous reasons that may lead to this decision, including stress, a fresh start and unhappiness. Regardless of the reason, those interested in obtaining a divorce in Georgia have a wide variety of resources at their disposal.

Being prepared for divorce in Georgia

As a new year begins, January seems to be the month of divorce. Now that the holiday season is over and resolutions are being made, many want a clean slate with which to begin the new year. While this appears to be a logical course of action, it is important for those considering divorce in Georgia to be prepared for the proceedings to follow. 

Step-parent adoption in Georgia can touch hearts

The holiday season is typically a time of celebration for families. However, many children do not have a home to call their own, and this time can be especially painful. There are many resources available to those parents interested in adopting a child. One possible type of adoption for many Georgia families is a step-parent adoption. 

Providing support for children in the midst of a Georgia divorce

Divorce is a life-changer: it takes a couple and turns it into two individuals. This can be especially challenging when children are involved, as they likely want to maintain relationships with both parents. For those in Georgia going through the divorce process with children, professionals in family law can assist in determining the best custody arrangement for everyone involved.