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Planning for divorce in Georgia begins before the process does

Planning and careful consideration are typically involved when one is making a major life decision. Sometimes, however, emotion can take over and cause one to forget to work through something logically. Usually, divorce in Georgia is not something that is a spur of the moment idea.

Working through international adoption in Georgia

International adoptions come with their own unique requirements, complications and joy. Georgia couples looking into growing their family through adoption have many resources available that can assist in the process. Adopting a child is a big decision that changes the lives of the family and the child who has finally found his or her forever home.

Importance of child custody in Georgia

Families compose an integral part of society in America. Marriages, births and divorces shape a part of the United States. However, the effect of these events is much more prominent in the lives of those directly involved. Spouses and children going through a divorce and determining child custody in Georgia have a number of decisions to make. 

Georgia adoption provides permanent home for kids in foster care

The number of children without families in Georgia and throughout the United States is astounding. In an effort to provide these children with a sense of family, the foster care system provides temporary care through foster parenting. However, this does not provide a permanent solution. Adoption allows people to give children without families of their own forever homes.

Helping children in Georgia adjust after divorce

Families are a unique, but crucial, foundation in American society. Whether related by blood or not, the members in a family share a special kind of relationship. This relationship is one of the reasons that going through the divorce process can be extremely stressful and emotionally tense. Georgia families going through a divorce should know that they are not alone, and there are a number of support systems available for both them and their children.