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Social Media - Are you Oversharing?

The popular social media service Instagram announced on Monday that its privacy policy would be updated effective January 16, 2013 to include changes that had its users in an uproar. The new terms featured some wording that was interpreted to mean that the application would be able to sell users' photos to corporations and similar entities for a profit. The actual person who captured the photos would not be compensated or notified of its use. The internet exploded in response to the release of these details. "How to export your Instagram photos and delete your account" became a popular search topic on Google and in blog posts. Within hours, Kevin Systrom, co-founder of Instagram, had written a response to the photo-sharing community and apologized. He explained that the changes were made in order to allow for more innovative advertising on the service. However, he admitted the wording used could easily be misinterpreted and therefore needed to be updated. Instagram later further clarified that the advertising conditions were to be removed completely from any future new terms of use.