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Understanding the various aspects of child support in Georgia

Determining child custody and support are major decisions that parents have to make if they decide to separate or divorce. Even if the couple is not married, once their parental rights have been established, they have to figure out how financial support will be provided. Couples in Georgia may want to seek assistance from those with experience handling child support and custody cases.

Understanding is key to divorce in Georgia

The divorce process entails a wide variety of different aspects, including division of assets and property, child custody and more. A divorce is unique for each couple involved; it may be long and drawn out, or it could be short and sweet. It is crucial for couples in Georgia to have a thorough understanding of what they will be going through before they proceed.

Georgia couples can change a life through adoption

Building a family is a unique process, never identical with another couple's story. Adopting a child provides a way to grow one's family while offering a home to a child in need. Those in Georgia considering adoption have numerous options available to them and can obtain assistance from someone with experience handling the process who may be able to make it go smoother. One family working through an adoption desperately hopes that it will hurry along.

The first steps of property division in Georgia

As a general rule, when people get married, they share their belongings. What was once her couch is now theirs and what may have been his retirement fund may now be a shared account. This joining of so many assets and other property can be difficult to divide in the case of a divorce. Couples facing property division in Georgia have a number of things to consider.

Fostering can lead to adoption in Georgia

The need for adoptive families in Georgia is immense, as there are hundreds of children in the foster care system or in children's homes. Those who are interested in adopting a child or sibling group can choose one that has adoptive status or begin as a foster parent. There are a variety of types of adoption from which a couple can choose. People who think they may want to adopt can seek the assistance of a professional who has experience with the process.