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Modern divorce options benefit children and parents

The dynamics of many families in Georgia and other states have changed over the years, and family law has also changed in many states to reflect modern lifestyles. While it has always been important to honor the best interests of the children, some believe that fathers have gained more rights related to parenting in recent decades. The perception that mothers must have custody and fathers must provide the funds after a divorce has evolved into many instances in which these roles are reversed.

Alimony must meet IRS requirements to be taxable and deductible

Although alimony is not ordered in all divorces, some Georgia couples who do include alimony in their divorce agreements may find the tax implications confusing. There are certain IRS requirements that must be met before alimony, sometimes called spousal support, can qualify as taxable and deductible. A divorcing spouse will likely benefit by understanding the requirements before signing an agreement.

Adoption can make a major impact in Georgia families

There are families of all sizes in Georgia, but it may be a challenge for one to imagine having thirteen children of their own. That means thirteen mouths to feed, thirteen bodies to clothe and thirteen minds to receive an education. One couple in another state welcomes this challenge and each one of the children with open arms and prepared minds through the process of adoption.

Finances, property and children major focuses in Georgia divorce

Divorce seems to be a word that is spoken in every home across America -- with some committing to never going through it and others working through the process. Although the process has become very commonplace in society today, many do not understand the numerous aspects that are involved. Those who are considering or are in the beginning stages of the divorce process in Georgia have resources available to them that can provide them with a more thorough understanding of what it entails.