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Understanding value could help with Georgia property division

Though many couples in Georgia take a team approach when it comes to handling finances, there are many households where financial duties are delegated to one spouse. This method may be effective while a couple is married, but should a marriage end, the spouse who did not have much participation in financial endeavors may find him- or herself at a loss. Not only will an individual need to learn how to handle personal finances but knowing what their assets are worth could prove beneficial when it comes to property division.

Common types of child custody arrangements in Georgia

Working out child custody arrangements can be rough for Georgia parents, especially when they are going through a particularly contentious divorce. Some parents are able to work things out themselves or with the help of a divorce mediator. Others, however, may have to have a judge intervene to help work out the child custody issues between them. Family law judges will consider both sides of such a dispute and rule in a manner they feel is in the best interests of the children who are involved.

Turning to parents for advice on divorce, property division

When going through a Georgia divorce, it is important to have a strong support system in place to help ease the process. For many, this includes one or both parents. Navigating divorce can be a challenge, and having the support of a parent can be instrumental in preserving stability and reducing stress as the divorce process moves forward through negotiations on property division and child custody.

Will money troubles lead to property division in Georgia?

For many Georgia couples, the primary item of contention within their marriage involves differences in the way that each spouse approaches finances. Researchers who focus on marital strife and divorce assert that money is the number one causal factor in the decision to end a marriage. When spouses cannot agree on a financial path, difficulties are sure to follow, many of which erode the relationship and weaken the bond between husband and wife. The end result could be the ultimate financial debate -- property division.