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Month: January 2019

What is Georgia’s Super Speeder Law?

Life gets pretty hectic for most people. Between work, kids and other obligations, the modern world nearly demands that we get from place to place as fast as possible. Sometimes, that means that you might push that gas pedal just a bit more than usual. Speeding isn't...

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Wealthy couples and divorce

When wealthy couples in Georgia get a divorce, their process of property division may be far more complicated than that of most other couples. The divorce of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos from his wife MacKenzie is one example, although since Washington is a community...

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marrying out of your league

Citizens of Georgia may be surprised to learn that, for many married couples, beauty is more than just skin deep, especially if the male is married to someone who is more attractive than they are. In fact, experts believe that a large discrepancy in the degree of...

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