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Focusing on children's needs in Georgia child custody agreements

Divorce involves dividing all the things that two people once shared, including the time that each party gets to spend with the children they share. Child custody arrangements outline whether two parents will have joint or shared custody or whether one party will have primary custody. Co-parenting and other shared custody agreements are becoming increasingly popular for Georgia parents going through divorce.

Understanding the costs and rewards of adoption in Georgia

There are many different factors that play into a family's decision to adopt a child. Regardless of the reason, adopting a child gives him or her a life that otherwise would never have been possible. Unfortunately, when many people think of adoption, the first things that come to mind are the potential costs or the possible setbacks. However, for families in Georgia, the process of adoption is so much more than that.

The financial aspects of gray divorce in Georgia

Gray divorce has made a major impact on society, as it has grown increasingly more common over the last few years. As with all divorces, there are emotional, social and financial implications to separating from one's spouse. Regardless of age, those in Georgia considering divorce can seek legal counsel as they look at their options and the possible effects.

Adoption in Georgia has the power to change lives

Adopting a child is a life-changing decision and often comes at a price. In the beginning, both spouses may not be on the same page about bringing a child from somewhere else into their family forever. However, the impact that adoption makes on the lives of those involved cannot be denied. Those looking into adoption in Georgia have resources available to them that can help them work through the sometimes daunting process.