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Working together on child custody in Georgia

In many cases, divorce is not only the end of a marriage but also the separation of children's parents. When children are involved in a divorce in Georgia, the two parents have to create a child custody arrangement as part of their divorce. It can be challenging to work together after deciding to no longer be in a relationship, but cooperative parenting can be incredibly beneficial to the children.

Georgia adoption can bring hope to children in foster care

There are thousands of children in the foster care system that are longing for families. Adoption of these children provides them with forever homes. Unfortunately, sibling groups are often split up and adopted separately. One family recognized this trend and decided that they were going to adopt a group of siblings so that they could grow up together. Couples in Georgia have this opportunity for adoption as well.

Georgia families: international adoption may be worth the work

International adoptions are infamous for having many challenges and complications that come up throughout the process. While this is not always the case, working with two governments to adopt a child can be difficult. In spite of potential problems, families throughout the United States still believe that adopting a child is worth the effort. One Georgia family continues to be optimistic, although their adoption has taken more than four years.

The financial aspects of divorce key for those over age 50

The beginning of a new year brings with it new filings for divorce in numerous marriages. Whether the first part of the year is chosen because people were waiting until after the holiday season or did not want to face Valentine's Day in a bad relationship, many people in Georgia and throughout the United States look for a fresh start via divorce in January and February. This desire for a new beginning is not solely relegated to newly married couples. The number of divorces for individuals over the age of 50 is increasing.