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Georgia mother denied child custody prior to son's death

There are typically logical reasons for a court's decision regarding family and custody matters. For one young mother in Georgia, the court had been provided with more than enough evidence demonstrating that she was not fit to care for her infant son. Unfortunately, in this child custody case, when the mother did not ultimately abide by the court's ruling, the outcome proved fatal.

Missing kids in child custody case may have been taken to Georgia

An Alabama couple on the run with their four boys ended up in a nearby state recently. It was there that the parents were persuaded by a family member to turn themselves in for interfering with the child custody arrangement of their own children. It is believed that the family may have spent some time in Georgia before finally settling at the home of a family member in another state.

When it comes to property division in Georgia, you own it or not

There are only nine states in the nation that continue to govern marital property in divorce issues through community property regulations. Most other states, including Georgia, operate under equitable property division laws. In short, the court in this state considers each existing asset as owned by one spouse or the other.

Considering one's options concerning the family home in divorce

Many individuals in Georgia and elsewhere place a great deal of importance on protecting their financial futures when facing the end of a marriage. Prior to entering divorce proceedings, each spouse may have different opinions concerning what is important to the future. However, the family home is a major concern for many individuals, prompting some to seek guidance on how best to handle this particular asset.