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Affects of divorce on retirement and property division in Georgia

Divorce has many financial ramifications concerning one's assets that are important to understand. Whether a couple has been together for a number of years or simply a few months, the accumulation of assets during marriage has to be distributed in the divorce. Couples that are working through this process of separation and division in Georgia have resources available to them to ease the potential stress.

Lessons about adoption can be learned from adoptee

Adoption is more than just giving a child a place to live. Adoption is giving a child a loving and supportive family of which to be a part. Individuals and couples in Georgia who are considering adoption may be interested in learning more about how adoption is viewed by someone who has experienced it firsthand.

Georgia adoption is life-changing for the children involved

It is easy for many to forget that children who do not have homes to call their own want to have families and places to belong. This was evidenced just over a year ago when a 16-year-old boy in the foster care system spoke at a church and pleaded for someone to take care of him. The response to his request illustrates just how life-changing adoption in Georgia can be for a child who has the chance to become part of a family.

Protecting one's business in marriage and divorce in Georgia

The division of property and assets in a divorce can be a challenging process as shared possessions are split between two parties. When businesses are involved in the divorce process, it can become increasingly complex. However, there are steps that a couple can take that clearly outline what would happen to a business in the case of divorce. Those in Georgia that want to protect their business during a marriage and in the case of a divorce have a variety of resources available to them.