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How do Americans feel about divorce, infidelity?

Very interesting: a recent Gallup poll aimed at testing the waters of contemporary American values found that 68 percent of the 1,535 respondents said that divorce is morally acceptable, while 91 percent said that heterosexual adultery is morally wrong. Those polled were asked to respond to the idea of 20 different behaviors, and heterosexual infidelity ranked the worst of all, while divorce was the second most popularly acceptable.

What does 'equitable distribution' mean in a Georgia divorce?

Mind you, "equitable" is not "equal" in a Georgia divorce. When it comes to property division, a court in Georgia will keep separate property out of the category of marital property, and a 50-50 split is not a foregone conclusion. Separate property might include a bank account in only one spouse's name, or inheritance received by only one spouse.

On the importance of routine in post-divorce co-parenting

Part of our law practice is devoted to helping Georgia parents create workable child custody arrangements. Divorce can be an upheaval in a family's life, but there are ways of co-parenting that protect the best interests of children. To learn more about co-parenting plans, parents in Augusta are encouraged to visit this blog each week as we make updates that are relevant to Georgia family law.