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Avoid parent alienation during child custody cases

During a divorce, families with children also have to create child custody arrangements. The two parties have to decide if one will have primary custody or if they will share joint custody. Regardless of which child custody arrangement they choose, it is crucial that the parents continue to work together and do not alienate the other parent. Georgia couples that are divorcing have resources available that can ease the transition for their children.

Sibling group adoption in Georgia can forever change lives

Hundreds of thousands of children are up for adoption around the world today. These children may be stuck in an unsafe environment, in an orphanage, in foster care or in another living situation. No matter what the case may be, these children do not have a family or home to call their own. Georgia couples have the opportunity to change that through the process of adoption.

Equally dividing assets in Georgia divorce

Getting a divorce involves separating a number of shared belongings, assets and property between two individual parties. If the two people have children together, then creating a custody arrangement is another part of the process that has to be completed. However, several financial aspects also need to be considered for those obtaining a divorce in Georgia.

Options for the family home in Georgia divorce

In a divorce, many decisions need to be made regarding the division of assets and finances. This process also involves choices concerning child custody, determining who gets what property and how things like retirement funds are going to be distributed. The financial aspects of divorce can be incredibly important in the overall process. Consulting someone about these aspects may be wise for divorcing couples in Georgia.