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Georgia couple unable to go through with adoption because of dog

Adoption is sometimes the only choice a couple has in the quest to grow their family. When one looks at the number of children in the foster care system, it seems like a match made in heaven when a couple makes the decision to welcome a child into their home. For one Georgia couple, though, the journey to adoption has hit a devastating snag.

Woman seeks international adoption amid red tape of passports

As many Georgia families know, the decision to have a child is not an easy one. For some, adoption is a deliberate choice families pursue, and international adoption is a good option. However, just like a pregnancy can have its ups and downs, adoptions have the potential to cause hardship.

Property division should not ruin summer fun for kids

Virtually all Georgia residents have fond memories of their childhood summer breaks. Getting out of school for the summer and spending time outdoors with friends, sleeping in and staying up late, camp and sprinklers; all are part of the American childhood experience. For kids whose parents are divorcing, many of the joys of summer can be overshadowed by the divorce process. For parents, it is imperative that the issues surrounding one's divorce, such as property division or child custody, are not allowed to bleed into the lives of shared children and stop them from enjoying their summer break.

In Georgia, property division simpler with negotiated agreements

With little time and a lot to do before the wedding, many Georgia couples fail to consider their options for a prenuptial agreement, which can provide them with multiple benefits and protections. For Texas couples who own property or have high value assets, the property division process of divorce can be grueling without such an agreement in place. Fortunately, there are postnuptial agreements that also can provide protection, only after the wedding.

Child custody can be confusing in Georgia

Child custody is a touchy subject all over the United States. Georgia is no exception. A 27-month-old girl, who had been living with adoptive parents in South Carolina since her birth, was sent to live with her biological father about 18 months ago. Recently, a Supreme Court decision about child custody was made that will likely return the little girl to her adoptive parents.