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Ways to successfully cope with co-parenting challenges

Navigating through new waters when it comes to working together as co-parents after a divorce can be challenging. Georgia co-parents may be interested in learning some strategies to help them deal with the most common issues they will face after a divorce.

Reasons many Georgia college students drink

Attending a 4-year college in Georgia or any other state can be an adventurous, exciting, yet challenging life experience. Perhaps, you are nearing your expected date of graduation or maybe you still have a few years to go to earn your degree. Either way, you can likely relate to the rigors of college life and how being busy, stressed, bored or simply looking for a good time might prompt you to imbibe alcohol.

Backseat passengers left behind by safety technology

Modern vehicles do a better job of protecting drivers and front-seat passengers than they do protecting people riding in the back seat, according to a leading safety institute. As a result, rear-seat passengers in Georgia and elsewhere are being placed at elevated risk of injury and death.

Postnuptial agreements for small business owners

Small business owners in Georgia may want to take special care to protect their companies from a divorce or dissolution. This is especially true for the founders of new startups who are looking for investments from venture capital companies. Many business advisers will recommend that business founders opt for a prenuptial agreement before getting married that specifically deals with how the business will be handled in the divorce. This does not have to mean that the other spouse walks away with nothing; it may provide for other types of compensation while keeping the company itself walled off from the property division process.

Ignition interlock device may cause distracted driving

Drivers in Georgia have probably heard of the ignition interlock device, an in-car breathalyzer that prevents a car from starting if the driver is found to be drunk. According to the CDC, the IID reduces repeat DUI offenses by as much as 70% when installed. Those states that require DUI offenders to install an IID see 15% fewer alcohol-related crash deaths than states that do not.

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