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Sibling group adoption in Georgia can forever change lives

On Behalf of | May 21, 2015 | Adoption |

Hundreds of thousands of children are up for adoption around the world today. These children may be stuck in an unsafe environment, in an orphanage, in foster care or in another living situation. No matter what the case may be, these children do not have a family or home to call their own. Georgia couples have the opportunity to change that through the process of adoption.

One couple learned about the number of children in the foster care system and decided to become foster parents. This continued for more than twenty years before the wife, now nearly sixty years old, became an advocate for a sibling group in the system. After some time, the parents of these five siblings lost their custodial rights, and the children could be adopted.

Although it had been nearly forty years since she had given birth to her first child, the woman and her husband decided that they would adopt the sibling group, ranging from two to nine in age. Providing the children with a loving family that would allow them all to stay together, a rarity with such a large group, was the biggest concern for this new mother. This couple gave the children, who had been passed from home to home, a place to finally call their own.

The foster care system provides a temporary place for children without safe home environments or other situations leaving them without a family. However, these children continue to seek a loving family and a place to belong. Adoption from foster care is solely one option for couples in Georgia. With the assistance of a professional in this field, those interested in adopting a child can look into other options as well.

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