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Addressing visitation issues

On Behalf of | Sep 4, 2018 | Child Custody And Child Support |

There are many aspects of child custody that parents in Georgia may have to deal with. Visitation is a part of child custody that the family courts may assign so that non-custodial parents are able to be a constant part of their children’s lives. Parents who have concerns about court-assigned visitation should be aware of the proper methods for addressing those issues.

There are some cases in which parents may want to limit the time the other parent has with the children, or have the other parent’s rights to visitation completely revoked. In these situations, it will be necessary to prove that the welfare of the children is at risk during the visitation time. The courts will not revoke visitation simply because one parent does not approve of how the other parent spends visitation time.

Parents who believe that their children may be in immediate danger may refuse visitation. This applies to situations in which the parents believe that their children may be subjected to some form of abuse during their visitation time with the other parent.

If one parent deems that the living conditions in which the other parent resides are dangerous, visitation may be refused. Parents are also not required to compel their children to participate in visitation if the children have expressed their desire not to do so.

Parents who refuse visitation may be held in contempt of court if the custody arrangement in places was ordered by the court. It is important that they consider both their safety concerns and what could happen if they disobey the court order when making a decision regarding visitation.

A family law attorney may assist clients with resolving legal issues related to child custody and child support. Litigation may be used to ensure that parents’ rights are protected when addressing visitation issues.


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