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Addressing changes in spending habits during a divorce

On Behalf of | Jan 31, 2023 | Divorce |

There are various types of issues you might encounter while developing a strategy to safeguard your future during the end of your marriage. While preparing for the financial side of this process can be challenging enough as is, things may grow even more complex should your soon-to-be former spouse suddenly exhibit a change in spending habits.

An unexpected spending spree could take a substantial toll on your marital finances, and such issues may affect the outcome of your divorce. Finding ways to address similar concerns could play an integral role in creating a strategy to protect your interests, pursuing an outcome that focuses on your needs for the future.

Steps to take

Dealing with sudden changes in spending habits during a similar life change can be a stressful process under any situation. Some examples of steps to take to protect against such issues may include:

  • Avoid changes in financial habits: As exhibiting sudden changes in financial behaviors when facing a divorce could prove detrimental in various ways, avoiding such behavior could prove imperative.
  • Tracking expenses: Keeping thorough records of previous spending habits and expenses may also be essential to identifying potential concerns and preparing to address the situation.
  • Close joint credit accounts: Closing joint credit accounts is a step that could help mitigate the risks of an unexpected spending spree that might otherwise lead to a significant increase in monetary obligations.
  • Address spending concerns: It may also be helpful to seek insight on your available options to help protect your interests if your soon-to-be ex-spouse exhibits similar types of behavior.

Studies also indicate that talking to the other party about maintaining current spending habits could be helpful in preventing unexpected changes, but things might not always go as planned.

Your financial future

Taking steps to protect against changes in financial habits is just one example of a factor that may prove vital to protecting your interests during the end of your marriage. While knowing how best to address similar issues can be an intimidating concept, you don’t have to go through this alone. Seeking guidance on ways to safeguard your interests — and on every step to take to prepare for divorce proceedings — could play an integral role in helping you prepare to seek the best outcome possible regarding your future in Georgia.


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