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Seeking advice when facing the possibility of a CDL suspension

On Behalf of | Jun 28, 2023 | Uncategorized |

There may be many individuals who operate commercial vehicles in their professions and rely on their commercial driving privileges to make ends meet. When facing the possibility of a CDL suspension, individuals in Georgia may have understandable concerns about the impact this could have on their lives. Unfortunately, there are a variety of issues that might lead to a CDL suspension and those who face similar challenges could benefit from seeking advice on the options to help protect their interests and careers. 

CDL suspensions 

Studies indicate that there are numerous types of traffic violations and offenses that might prompt a suspension of one’s commercial driver’s license. A DUI conviction is just one example of a type of offense that could lead to a similar outcome, and studies also suggest one might even face the possible loss of commercial driving privileges after refusing to take part in field sobriety tests. Reckless driving and excessive speeding are two more examples of offenses that might prompt similar challenges. 

One’s CDL may also be at risk if a person is accused of causing a collision due to negligent operation or of fleeing the scene of a crash. Studies also indicate that citations for reckless driving behaviors such as tailgating may also impact one’s commercial driving privileges. Operating a commercial vehicle without the proper class of CDL or without carrying one’s CDL are also types of issues that could carry dire ramifications. 

Evaluating the options 

Those who stand accused of similar types of offenses and have concerns about the possibility of a CDL suspension could consider speaking with an attorney for advice in evaluating their situations. An attorney in Georgia can help a client understand the possible consequences he or she might face and assist in creating a strong defense for use during legal proceedings. Such guidance could play a vital role in helping a person prepare a strategy with which to seek the best outcome possible regarding his or her interests and career. 


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