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Addressing studies on common mistakes during a gray divorce

On Behalf of | Jul 11, 2023 | Divorce |

When facing the end of a marriage late in life, many individuals may have questions about how the outcome of this process could affect their plans for retirement. While the outcome of a divorce will impact one’s life in various ways, it doesn’t necessarily have to derail one’s strategy for the golden years of life. Evaluating studies on some common mistakes people make during a gray divorce could help individuals in Georgia who face a similar life change prepare to reduce the risks of errors and create a strategy to safeguard their futures during divorce proceedings. 

Types of mistakes 

According to studies, one of the most common errors individuals make when facing a gray divorce involves failure to be thorough when identifying marital assets. This could result in a lack of understanding of what is at stake and taking steps to gain awareness of assets and wealth might prove vital to creating a strategy that aligns with one’s interests. Another common error may pertain to a lack of awareness of marital debts and knowing the role debts might play during a divorce could help one prepare to protect against such issues. 

Failing to address the topic of taxes may also prove detrimental and knowing every factor to cover in this regard could be essential to making informed decisions. Attempting to hold on to assets such as the family home at all costs is another common error, as there may be some scenarios in which pursuing sole ownership of such assets might not be in one’s best interests. Overlooking topics such as insurance, expenses and hidden assets may also be common types of mistakes during a similar life change. 

Preparing to dissolve a marriage 

Going through a divorce can be a stressful process and it may be understandable to worry that one might make mistakes in the process. However, since the presence of mistakes could affect the outcome of the situation, individuals in Georgia who wish to protect their interests might benefit from consulting with an attorney for advice on how to protect against such issues. An attorney can provide a client with insight into creating a strategy for what comes next that focuses on his or her interests and goals and assist in navigating every stage of the subsequent process. 


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