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Addressing some common types of college student crimes

On Behalf of | Sep 20, 2023 | Criminal Defense |

Helping your child prepare to seek a higher education can be one of the most exciting and joyful experiences in life. However, it may be natural to have some level of concern about how your child might respond to the responsibilities involved with the newfound freedom the college experience can bring. 

The college years are a time in life in which many youths might wish to experience new things. While some of these experiences might have a positive impact on a college student’s life, there may also be certain scenarios in which the decisions of college students in Georgia could prompt dire legal concerns. 

Types of crimes on college campuses 

A conviction for any type of criminal offense could affect your child’s life in various ways, and talking to him or her about such concerns could be vital to staving off a variety of potential risks. Some prevalent examples of crimes on college campuses include: 

  • Alcohol-related offenses: Alcohol-related offenses, such as underage drinking and driving under the influence, remain prevalent types of college student crimes. Use of fake IDs is also a common issue on college campuses. 
  • Drug charges: Studies indicate that drug-related charges also continue to be a leading cause of arrests on college campuses. This could include anything from drug possession to distribution. 
  • Disorderly conduct: Social gatherings on college campuses can quickly get out of hand. Issues like excessive noise and physical altercations can also leave students facing legal issues. 
  • Theft-related charges: Studies also state that theft is a major issue on many college campus sites. A conviction for theft-related charges can carry severe penalties that could affect your child’s life in various ways. 

Regardless of how it happens, should your child face allegations of unlawful behavior, it might be helpful to seek advice in addressing your options and determining the best course of action to take. 

Addressing your options 

College student crimes can take on numerous forms, and it’s understandable to worry about how the outcome of such a situation could affect your child’s future. When facing similar challenges, you could benefit from seeking advice on addressing your legal rights and available options. This may help you better understand what is at stake and help you prepare a strategy with which to pursue the most favorable outcome achievable regarding your child’s future via the appropriate channels. 


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