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Some issues may add to the complexity of a gray divorce

On Behalf of | Oct 11, 2023 | Divorce |

Preparing to dissolve a marriage can be a stressful and complex process at virtually any stage of life. However, experts indicate that for those facing a divorce late in life, there may be additional factors that could further complicate one’s situation. Understanding some of the unique factors that may arise during a gray divorce could help individuals in Georgia who face such a life change better prepare to safeguard their goals and interests during legal proceedings. 

Gray divorce 

One topic that recent studies indicate has changed the landscape of gray divorce may involve recent changes in family dynamics. Studies indicate that the phrase empty nesters may no longer be nearly as common among those facing a gray divorce. For instance, studies state that it isn’t uncommon for couples to begin building their families in their 40s or 50s.  

Should a couple decide to part ways, the presence of young children or college-age kids could make the subsequent process somewhat more complex in nature. According to studies, the topic of managing college expenses is just one example of a complex factor that one might encounter during a similar life change. Those who face a divorce late in life may also face difficult decisions regarding topics such as complex retirement portfolios and pension plans. 

Preparing for the process 

There may be a multitude of vital factors to consider when preparing for a gray divorce. With so much at stake, individuals in Georgia who face a similar life change might benefit from speaking with an attorney as soon as possible for advice on what to expect from this process. An attorney can address a client’s situation and help prepare to develop a strategy for divorce proceedings that focuses on his or her goals and needs for the future. 


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