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Holiday traffic can lead to more accidents

On Behalf of | Dec 6, 2023 | Car Wrecks |

It’s a busy time of year for many Georgians, which means that there are often more vehicles on the roadways. This increase in traffic can lead to more accidents, increasing the chances of injuries to those who are traveling. Thanksgiving saw several fatalities from accidents around the state. Drivers can be extra cautious leading up to the holidays to help prevent accidents.  

Fatal accidents across the state 

According to the Georgia Highway Patrol, there were eight traffic-related fatalities on Thanksgiving Day. Five of those fatalities occurred in one accident where a pickup struck a van head-on while driving along Georgia Highway 111 in Colquitt County. The other fatalities occurred in accidents in Perry, Henry County and Columbus. 

Drivers should be aware of when traffic is heaviest and should avoid driving during those times if possible. To help prevent accidents, drivers can try to take alternate routes to avoid heavy traffic and be sure to leave with plenty of time to reach their destination without rushing. The holidays are a popular time for travel, especially during mid-to-late December. By using defensive driving techniques and driving without distractions, some accidents may be prevented.  

Seek help when injured in a crash 

Motor vehicle accidents can leave one with serious injuries. These accidents often happen due to driver negligence, and sadly innocent lives are often affected. When someone is injured in an accident that happened because of negligence, they have the right to pursue justice through a civil lawsuit. By speaking with a Georgia personal injury attorney, victims can better know how to exercise their rights and seek financial compensation to cover their damages.  


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