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How can I enhance self-care during my divorce?

On Behalf of | Apr 25, 2024 | Divorce |

Whether uncontested or contested, a divorce can be complicated and stressful. In an uncontested divorce, spouses are able to agree to the terms of divorce. However, even if Georgia is a no-fault divorce state, it takes a lot of effort and time for spouses to collaborate and agree on the division of their assets, alimony and child custody.

Meanwhile, a contested divorce involves spouses who fail to see eye to eye. This prolongs the divorce process because it causes them to settle matters in court. If you are going through a divorce, how can you look after yourself and improve self-care?

Uplifting your mental health

There are many ways to care for yourself amid a divorce, starting with enhancing your mental health. You can address negative thoughts by refuting them. You may also try to learn something new by taking up classes or joining workshops. Moreover, you can consult a therapist to sort out your mental health concerns.

Boosting your physical well-being

In addition, you can improve your physicality by stretching, taking a walk or jogging. You can also do yoga, dance, hit the gym or play sports. Another option is making healthier choices regarding your food, drinks and lifestyle.

Enhancing your emotional self-care

Moreover, you can deal with your emotions by accepting them first. Then, you may cry or even scream them out or process them by journaling or writing positive affirmations. You can also try to be more patient, understanding and compassionate with yourself.

Elevating your spiritual wellness

Finally, another aspect of self-care is your spiritual side. You can pray, attend a service or meditate. Additionally, you can try to donate items to a shelter, volunteer or do random acts of kindness.

Taking care of yourself

The process of ending your marriage can be burdensome and exhausting. Therefore, it is vital to take care of yourself so that you will be healthy and strong during such a trying time.


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