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The best property division question to ask an attorney

On Behalf of | Sep 19, 2013 | Divorce |

For many Georgia spouses, the prospect of divorce brings a wide range of fears and uncertainties. At the top of that list often sits concerns over the financial ramifications of the end of a marriage. The process of divorce and property division can wreak havoc on one’s budget and sanity, but spouses who are preparing to file for divorce should know that there are ways to mitigate the issue. The most important question that one can ask of their divorce attorney involves which assets are worth fighting for, and which should be left out of the fray.

Many couples become so bogged down by the emotional aspects of their divorce that they fail to employ the same level of reason and logic that they use in all other areas of their lives. Many otherwise sane and balanced couples have spent considerable amounts of time and money going to battle over things that hold relatively little value. The end result can be significant financial damage for all parties.

Of course, there are some assets that are worth a degree of negotiation. Retirement accounts, investments and some forms of personal property are within this realm. Other assets hold more of an emotional value than a strictly financial one, however. Being able to appreciate the difference is key to reaching a favorable resolution. This is where one’s divorce attorney can earn his or her keep.

A good attorney will help his or her client asses the current and projected value of any given asset, and assign that asset the proper level of priority. In this way, a Georgia spouse is better equipped to make rational decisions about what to fight for, and what to simply let go. In the end, many divorced individuals look back on the end of their marriage and wish that they had made different property division choices. By taking advantage of the advice and expertise of one’s attorney, many spouses can avoid those mistakes and move forward in their new lives in the most advantageous financial position possible.

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