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Divorce and property division can lead to a brighter future

On Behalf of | Nov 5, 2013 | Divorce |

Georgia spouses who are nearing the end of their divorce may feel a measure of exhaustion, an even greater sense of frustration with the process. However, those who are nearly single should take comfort in the knowledge that they are on the brink of a brand new life, and should remain focused on the benefits that are on the horizon. In the final summation, divorce and property division can lead to an improved financial outlook.

One financial issue that will soon be in the rearview mirror is the contention and arguments that many couples experience during the course of their marriage. Money matters are a leading cause of divorce, according to a significant body of social research. In the very near future, divorcing spouses will be able to dictate their own financial path, and create a budget that meets their own needs and desires.

Another way that divorce can improve one’s financial standing is in regard to taxation. Many couples suffered a tax hit under the Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT) rules. Once divorced, it is possible to have a far better tax scenario than many people imagine.

These are just some of the financial benefits that accompany the end of a Georgia marriage. While there may be certain losses sustained during the property division process, the end result is the ability to dictate one’s own financial goals and policies. This fresh start, combined with the lessons learned during the course of the marriage, may be the greatest benefit of all.

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