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Happiness from adoption in Georgia

On Behalf of | Mar 27, 2014 | Adoption |

Parents who have adopted children are typically quick to share how the process drastically changed their lives. When the children who once had no home explain how being adopted has affected them, it is easy to see the joy in their eyes. Couples in Georgia who are seeking to bring children into their home are encouraged to be sure to understand the process thoroughly and listen to stories of how adoption has transformed the lives of other families. A family with three children from the foster care system is quick to tell their story.

After seeing an article on adoption, one couple desired to help children and decided to begin with foster care. They specifically looked for those who were reaching the upper age bracket, those who had been in the system for years. In the beginning, they only took the children of other foster families to give the parents a break. When a 10-year-old came to stay with them for a weekend, just to see if they could do it, they fell in love.

Although he was difficult, the couple was ready to accept the little boy, no matter what he was facing. They then found another boy, known for trying to get attention and disrupting classes at school. Their third son came 18 months afterward, feeling unloved and longing for a forever home. After being adopted, these three boys completely turned around and are known for their joy and love.

The lives of these three boys were drastically altered by one couple’s choice to step out and bring them into their home, even if only temporarily at first. Georgia couples who are looking to adopt should have a thorough understanding of what the process entails. Adoption gives children without families the chance to be a part of something they might have missed. No matter the stresses that may come through the adoption process, the joy in the end is unmistakable.

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