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Stepparent adoption in Georgia brings families together

On Behalf of | Aug 8, 2014 | Adoption |

Changing someone’s life is an incredible experience in which one’s own life is changed, as well. Adoption can provide the chance to completely transform the life of a child who does not have a family to call his own. Adopting a child from an orphanage, foster care or through an agency is typically what Georgia families think of when considering bringing a child into their home. However, this is not the only type of adoption available.

An often overlooked form of adoption is that of a stepparent. A stepparent may decide to adopt his or her spouse’s child for various reasons, including a lack of involvement on the other biological parent’s part or to make the child feel like a part of the new family. In order to adopt this child, the stepparent has certain steps to follow.

The other biological parent who has some kind of custody of the child has to give up his or her rights before the stepparent can move forward in the adoption process. When the location of the birth parent is not known, or he or she does not want to give up his rights, the process becomes more difficult. However, even in the case of an unwilling parent, a hearing can occur that attempts to look out for the child’s best interests.

Going through the process of adoption as a stepparent can be challenging, though not as difficult as other adoptions, in most cases. If those involved truly have the best interests of the child in mind, the process can be much less complicated. Bringing a child into one’s family through adoption in Georgia can drastically change the lives of everyone affected and give the child a sense of belonging.

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