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What is necessary to receive child support in Georgia

On Behalf of | Dec 31, 2014 | Child Support |

In the midst of a divorce, one may also have to work through child custody arrangements. These agreements involve deciding a custodial and non-custodial party, or co-parenting. Additionally, custody arrangements may include child support. Georgia parents have numerous resources available to them that can assist with working through the provisions created through custody agreements.

One aspect that has to be determined is whether or not one is the custodial parent. This person is the one with primary custody of the couple’s children. Primary custody typically involves providing a home for the children and caring for their everyday needs. Arrangements in which one parent has primary custody are either determined when one parent is left to raise the child by him or herself or in court.

Child custody agreements in which the parents share joint custody oftentimes allow the children to spend equal time with each parent. However, child support may still be required from one of the parents. If there is a noticeably large difference in the parents’ incomes, child support may have to be paid. Additional aspects of the parents’ circumstances may be required before child support can be determined.

There are various situations in which child support may be required, in both joint custody arrangements and those with one custodial parent. Once child support has been outlined in an agreement, the payments have to be sent and received. Georgia parents attempting to determine if they are entitled to child support or those who have not been receiving their payments can seek assistance with this sometimes complicated process.

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