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Finding hidden assets in a Georgia divorce

On Behalf of | Jan 14, 2015 | Divorce |

There are many financial aspects involved in the divorce process. In Georgia, when a couple gets married, they often choose to combine accounts, credit cards and other assets. While this is convenient during a couple’s married life, it can be quite difficult to untangle if a divorce occurs. Looking for hidden assets is something that one may overlook as he or she approaches the dissolution of a marriage.

Having documents regarding one’s financial information and assets can be extremely beneficial in the divorce process. While some of these may be easily accessible, others may not be so readily available. In many cases, there may be hidden assets of which a spouse is unaware. One place to check for such assets is tax returns, which may show unknown real estate and other property.

Additionally, retirement accounts and children’s savings accounts may have to be restructured through a divorce. Other investments may not seem beneficial at the moment but may become so in the future. Mortgages, credit card debts and loans are other finances that need to be considered, especially if they are held in the names of both spouses. Depending on the situation, these finances may be split between both parties or divided in another way.

Those working through a divorce in Georgia will find it helpful to obtain documents relating to incomes, property and other assets. Uncovering hidden assets in tax returns and investments is something that may be easily forgotten, but can be quite valuable. Receiving assistance for matters dealing with finances may be a wise course of action that leads to a less stressful and likely more rewarding divorce process.

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