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Ins and outs of alimony in Georgia

On Behalf of | Mar 19, 2015 | Divorce |

The divorce process includes various aspects, including possible child custody arrangements or spousal support. This support, or alimony, may result from an agreement between former spouses or a court decision. Alimony is meant to assist the spouse who either did not make an income or made a noticeably smaller income than the other. Georgia couples working through a divorce may need to create an agreement regarding spousal support.

In most cases, alimony serves to help the recipient gain the ability to support himself. Many factors play a role in determining the amount and duration of spousal support, such as age, physical condition and necessary education or training and others. The length of alimony payments may be specified by the court or may not have an ordered deadline. This support typically ends if the spouse remarries.

For a number of years, alimony was awarded to the woman because she had primary care of the children, and men were the main breadwinners. However, in recent decades, this trend has shifted. Both spouses often bring in incomes, and men are being seen as the primary parent more and more. In order to figure out whether one may be eligible to receive alimony, one can seek assistance from a professional who can explain the requirements.

Spousal support may be a major concern for couples facing a divorce. Unlike child custody, alimony payments are based on a variety of factors and are difficult to enforce. Someone going through a divorce can determine if this support is something they will have to deal with and, if so, who will be making the payments. There are many resources available to those in Georgia who are working through alimony agreements.

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